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Projects in Germany

Before 2007


Exploration well Offenbach an der Queich

With the funding by the Zukunfts-Investitionsprogramm - future investment programme (ZIP), the first seismic campaign was carried out on the project site within the industrial estate Offenbach an der Queich in 2003. The following exploration well Offenbach GT 1 achieved a final depth of 2.870 m. The maximum reservoir temperature of >160°C exceeded clearly further prospections but feasible flow rates could not be attained. HotRock pursues the re-use of this well with the purpose of a local heat supply system for the Offenbach an der Queich community.

Exploration well Bellheim

In 2006, subsequently to the 2-dimensional seismic exploration, the first 3-dimensional seismic campaign in geothermics was undertaken on the Bellheim site. The drilling operations were terminated closely above the muschelkalk top at a depth of 2.850 m due to technical problems. The revival of drilling operations is planned. This is to take advantage of both geological-hydrological and well technical insights to be extrapolated to the immediate vicinity of the planned Rülzheim project.