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Projects in Germany

Insheim Project

This site was selected by a seismic campaign. The well Insheim GT 1 proofed evidence for appropriate flow rates and temperatures deriving from a hydrothermal reservoir. After testing the first well the HotRock Group sold the project corporation HotRock EWK Vorderpfalz GmbH und Co KG to the Pfalzwerke AG, which is finalising the project within the subsidiary Pfalzwerke Geofuture GmbH. For further information of the geothermal project Insheim of the Pfalzwerke Geofuture GmbH please refer to

Rülzheim Project

For the sustainable economic exploitation of geothermal energy in the sense of power-heat coupling the project site Rülzheim is designated to tap a hydrothermal reservoir reaching as far as 4.000 m. Preliminaries were carried out during 2009. The mining law concessions for well site preparations and drilling operations have been submitted. The first operations are scheduled at the beginning of 2013.

Initially, additional monitoring requirements of the Rhineland-Palatine approving authorities consider the citizens’ request for more public participation and transparency on this geothermal site. For further information regarding the project, licensing procedures and the state of the project please refer to